Our Mission

Provide for families the ability to have warm and comfortable clothing, so that they can advance in everyday life.


More than 1,800 people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of hundreds of students and their families.

Our Impact

Each year the volunteers fill over 2000 bags for students and families across the city of Worcester.

What we're doing


  • Andy's Attic is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization run completely by student volunteers at South High Community School.  
  • In the 2018-2019 school year, Andy's Attic has filled over 2000 bags of clothing for students and families throughout Worcester County.   
  • With the hard work and dedication of South High Students and charitable donations, we were able to provide new socks, new undergarments, gently used clothing and even new sneakers to teenagers and their families.  
  • Each day our student volunteers come to Andy's Attic during their free periods and after school to volunteer their time.  
  • Students sort and put donations on shelves, fill orders, write thank you cards, track orders that have been sent out, write letters to organizations for donations, and make phone calls to organizations to let them know their orders are ready for pick up.



  • ​Worcester School Committee, Certificate of Recognition
  • ​MIAA, Community Service Award
  • Slater's Special Teams Award+KISS 108 FM $1000 prize
  • Worcester Railers Conducter of the Community Award
  • Unsung Heroes: See the People Behind the Scenes to Build a Better Worcester
  • Community Service Learning Award 2018
  • ​FOX 25 News Special Feature on February 9th

our 2018-2019 thank you video

     This is our 2018-2019 thank you video that the students in period 5 created to showcase the     

     diversity and many languages spoken at South High. We also created this video to show how 

     people from any background can come together to help change the world, one order at a time.                                  

                                                             Thank you all! :)  See you in September <3